Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus V. Makei makes a statement at the General Debate of the 75th session of the UN General Assembly


Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus Vladimir Makei gave a video address to the 75th Anniversary Session of the UN General Assembly.

Due to restrictive measures taken at the headquarters in New York the central United Nations event is being held this year without personal participation of Heads of State, Government and Foreign Ministries.

The Minister drew attention to the 75th anniversary of both the establishment of the United Nations and the end of the World War II. He stressed that the Republic of Belarus, as the UN founding member, calls on the member states, primarily the Security Council members, to show a special responsibility for the functioning of the Organization and the implementation of its tasks.

Vladimir Makei emphasized that preserving the memory of the tragic lesson brought about by the Second World War, the worst catastrophe of the 20th century, should remain a key component of the “collective immunity” against the emergence of new global and regional confrontations.

Referring to the current challenges to humanity, Vladimir Makei noted that the coronavirus pandemic temporarily overshadowed other problems and conflicts. He stressed that when fighting against this challenge no country will be able to make any progress if it acts alone, if it closes and ceases contacts with other states. The Minister noted that Belarus while responding to the pandemic did not take the dubious path of self-isolation and individualism, but relied on openness, adherence to the principles of multilateralism and respect for the collective spirit.

The Minister urged the UN member states not to forget about the high role of dialogue in international relations – an instrument that the world lacks greatly now. He drew attention to the initiative proposed by the Republic of Belarus to resume a broad multilateral dialogue on international security aimed at overcoming existing contradictions in relations between the countries.

Among other recognizable Belarusian initiatives Vladimir Makei noted the traditional UN General Assembly resolution on the prohibition of new types of weapons of mass destruction which is adopted on regular basis under the leadership of the Republic of Belarus in cooperation with like-minded states. This year Belarus again submits this important unifying document to the UN General Assembly.

Belarusian Foreign Minister noted the inadmissibility of using unilateral coercive measures as a means of political pressure in international relations. Attempts by a number of countries to abuse the UN podium, including the Security Council, to satisfy their narrow political ambitions have increased greatly. In this regard Vladimir Makei noted the appearance of focused attention of certain Western countries to the situation in Belarus. He stated that any interference in our internal affairs, sanctions or other restrictive measures against Belarus will have the opposite effect and will be harmful to absolutely everyone. He called upon all partners to show wisdom, restraint and impartiality.

Touching upon the issues of “health” of the global economy Vladimir Makei stressed that there is a need to change approaches to socio-economic development in the post-coronavirus time. The Minister extended support to the consistent movement towards Sustainable Development Goals based on the 2030 Agenda by strengthening partnerships of all actors at both the national and international levels.

Vladimir Makei noted the importance of following the principles of “green economy”, preserving the environment, implementation of the concept of “smart city”, as well as developing precision farming.

Speaking about the improvement of the UN bodies, the Minister spoke for a more active General Assembly, an efficient UN Security Council and an effective Economic and Social Council.

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