IAPR Articles of Association

Convening on this day, February the 2nd, Nineteen Hundred and Elghty-Elght, in the City of New York, the seat of the Headquarters of the United Nations, we the undersigned Permanent Representatives to the United Nations, acting solemnly, in our personal capacities;

Recognizing the universal ideals and noble principles of the United Nations Charter to be our common endeavor, and bearing in mind also the close personal ties of amity and friendship that are forged between Permanent Representatives in common pursuit of these shared objectives;

Recognizing further the positive contribution that senior diplomats who serve their countries as Permanent Representatives to the United Nations can continue to make through the co-ordination of their experience and relationships;

Considering moreover the constructive role that can be played by a formalized framework of regular communication and consultation between past and present Permanent Representatives for these ends as well as towards the promotion оf international public consciousness of the aims and principles of the United Nations;


DO HEREBY FURTHERMORE AGREE at this INAUGURAL MEETING to establish ourselves as the FOUNDING EXECUTIVE BOARD, and in that capacity to unanimously elect the following officers, who will also officiate as President, Vice-President, and Vice-President-Treasurer, respectively, of the Association:


H.E. Ambassador Samir S. Shihabi

Permanent Representative of Saudi Arabia to the UN



H.E. Ambassador Plerre-Louls Blanc

Permanent Representative of France to the UN



H.E. Ambassador Peter Dingl Zuze

Permanent Representative of Zambia to the UN


DO HEREBY AGREE to approve the following objectives, functions, and organization and rules of the Association:



1. To be an institutional forum of association between former and active Permanent Representatives to the Unlted Nations, to foster personal amicable relations between them, and to facilitate steps towards this objective;

2. To serve as a channel of continuing contact and communication between active and former Permanen Representatives worldwide;

3. To serve as a focal point for the continued involvement of former Permanent Representatives in the activities of international institutions and fora.


To act as a common platform for all its members for the purpose of:

  • providing a framework for coordination and cooperation between members for the purpose of organising activities in pursuance of UN objectives;
  • arranging meetings of its members on various occasions and in different regions;
  • acting as a liaison between its members and the different national and international fora in order to hold functions for activities of common interest to any member or group of members in the cultural, political, and other forums;
  • publishing a monthly newsletter on the activities of the Association and its members, and on matters of interest to the members;
  • publishing an annual directory;
  • providing facilities for its members in world, political, cultural, and other centers of Interest that enhance their efforts and facilitate their activities.



  • All Permanent Representatives, past, present, and future (any person who presents his credentials to the Secretary-General as Permanent Representative), are eligible for membership.
  • The Board approves membership. In justifying circumstances it can decide otherwise in respect of present or future membership.
  • Membership ln the Association is personal and independent of official commitments.
  • A membership card will be issued to all members duly signed by any two, the President and/or Vice-President and/or the Vice-President-Treasurer.
  • Membership is for one calendar year, renewable.



An Executive Board of 13 members, from among the active Permanent Representatives in New York distributed as follows:

3 Members from the African Region

3 Members from the Aslan Region

3 Members from the Latin American and Caribbean Regions

2 Members from the Western European Region

1 Member from the Eastern European Region

1 Member to be elected at large.


Term of office of the Board is 3 years (starting 1st of July).

The Founding Executive Board will serve until June 30, 1990.


The Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Vlce-Chairman-Treasurer to be elected by the Board from among its members for a term of one year (starting 1st July).


If a Board Member relinquishes his post, or his duty tour in New York comes to an end, the Board will elect a new member from the same geographic group to complete the outgoing member's term.

Board Members are eligible for re-election.

Elections for the Board will take place in June, and consequently for its officers, following the elections.

The Board will formulate the arrangements necessary for carrying out the objectives and functions of the Association not covered by these terms of reference.

The Board is the Authority to Interpret these Articles of Association. Any change in the text requires two-thirds majority of the members present and voting.

Quorum for the Board is seven. In case of equal voles, the side with the vote of the President will prevail.

Balloting for elections to the Board may take place in writing, or by post, or telex.

The Board will meet once a month or whenever it is deemed necessary at the request of the Chairman or of any two Board Members to the Chairman.



  • Membership fee is $30 per year.
  • Voluntary Contributions.


SIGNATURES (by alphabetical order)

We, the following Permanent Representatives to the United Nations and Members of the Founding Executive Board, do hereby signify our full approval of the above Articles of Association.