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V. Rybakov participates in the discussion on the UN GA revitalisation

Permanent Representative of Belarus to the UN took part in the debate on the UN General Assembly revitalization that took place on November 8 at the UN Headquarters in New York.

In order to identify new ways to increase the role, authority, efficiency and effectiveness of the Assembly almost 15 years ago, a special working group was created to revitalise the General Assembly. At this session, the working group will consider issues of enhancing the role and authority of the General Assembly, its methods of work, the selection and appointment of heads of the UN system, the creation of appropriate working conditions for the Office of the President of the General Assembly, and other aspects of its activities. The Belarusian delegation is traditionally one of the leaders in the process of the UN General Assembly revitalization.

In his statement (in Russian), V. Rybakov focused on the primary tasks facing the General Assembly: optimising its agenda, eliminating duplication in the work of the main UN bodies, primarily between the General Assembly and the UN Economic and Social Council, as well as eradicating the practice of repetition in new resolutions of the text of previous ones.

According to V. Rybakov, the implementation of these tasks will significantly increase the effectiveness of the Organisation.

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