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Belarus Takes Part in the UN GA High-Level Meeting on Peacebuilding and Sustaining Peace

Permanent Representative of Belarus to the UN Valentin Rybakov addressed the UN General Assembly at a High-Level Meeting on Peacebuilding and Sustaining Peace.

The meeting initiated by Chairman of the UN General Assembly Miroslav Laichak is considered one of the key events at the UN this year and is held as a follow up to the initiative of Secretary-General António Guterres to review the existing architecture of peace and security in order to find new ways of resolving global and regional conflicts.

Valentin Rybakov criticized the current international situation characterized by unprecedented conflicts accompanied by direct military aggression, state-level provocations, threats and militant rhetoric. The statement of the representative of Belarus emphasized the inadmissibility of neglecting the values of peace in modern conditions, when the level of confrontation between countries has reached a critical point (statement in Russian, video in English).

Belarus highlighted its contribution to the maintenance of regional stability and security, and also drew attention to the growing need to collectively work to renew a comprehensive process aimed at overcoming the gaps between East and West based on the principles of the “Helsinki process”.

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