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On the participation of the Republic of Belarus Delegaton in the work of the UN General Assembly

Deputy Director-General for Multilateral Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus Vadim Pisarevich took part in the discussion of the report of the Secretary-General of the United Nations on the work of the Organisation held at the plenary of the 71st session of the United Nations.

V.Pisarevich noted the efforts of the United Nations regarding the new Agenda for Sustainable Development for 2030, as well as signing of the Paris Agreement on Climate. At the same time the Belarusian diplomat expressed concern that recently the Organisation started to neglect the spirit of unity, when despite the will of the majority of the member states the UN Secretariat promotes unagreed initiatives and companies, which are supported by the handful of countries.

In his statement (in Russian) the Belarusian diplomat noted the better adaptation of the UN development system to the needs of the middle-income countries and better targeting of the UN agencies in this work to the account of the peculiarities and specificities of the country.

In terms of the necessity of ensuring the respect of the multilingualism in the United Nations the Belarusian diplomat attracted the attention of the UN General Assembly to the role of translation –as profession and art– in enhancing trust and mutual understanding between the nations and initiated recognizing by the UN the International Translation Day.

Belarusian diplomat also touched upon other issues of the internal life in the UN and called for combatting the excessive red tape.

V.Pisarevich also participated in the general discussion of the Second committee (economic issues) and Third Committee (social and human rights issues) on the agenda item “Social Development”.

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