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V. Rybakov delivers a statement on the Report of the Secretary-General on the work of the UN

Permanent Representative of the Republic of Belarus to the United Nations Valentin Rybakov delivered a statement at the plenary meeting of the UN General Assembly on the Report of the Secretary-General on the work of the United Nations.

In his speech (statement in the Russian language), the Head of the Belarusian Mission expressed support to the idea of the Secretary-General on the necessity for adherence to the principle of multilateralism.

The Permanent Representative supported the UN Secretary-General in the need to focus on preventive actions in conflict situations. In this regard, V. Rybakov emphasized that the initiative by the President of the Republic of Belarus to launch a new “Helsinki” process to overcome the contradictions between the states in the world is a timely response to new challenges and threats.

The Belarusian diplomat noted the active work of the UN Secretary-General on the repositioning of the UN and expressed hope the process would not lead to additional financial and bureaucratic encumbrances for Member-States and would ensure the continuity and coherent nature of functioning of the UN structures on the ground with unconditional acknowledgment of the principle of full compliance of UN activities with national priorities of Member-States.

While commenting on the efforts of the Secretary-General aimed at reviving the direction of peace and security in the UN Secretariat, V. Rybakov stressed the importance of gender aspect in the UN peacekeeping operations for improving the existing paradigm of peace and security.

The Permanent Representative noted support of Belarus for the idea of increasing the role of women in peacebuilding and cited an example of the country's work in this direction – women also successfully fulfill their tasks among the Belarusian military specialists in the UN temporary forces in Lebanon.

In his speech, V. Rybakov called for recognizing within the Organization such a group as middle-income countries that are still not covered by systemic activities within the Organization and do not have a coordinated mechanism for assistance, despite the fact that they represent the largest part of the world's population.

The Permanent Representative drew attention to challenges of the routine interaction of states with the UN Secretariat, to the necessity to simplify the methods of interaction between the Secretariat and Member States. V. Rybakov emphasized that the clear and open scheme of their interaction with the Organization is the key to successful fulfillment of tasks the states face.

In conclusion, the Head of the Belarusian Mission stressed that only identifying the Organization with states and taking into account the interests of each of its Member-State will enable adequately and timely respond to challenges and threats and make the UN really useful and necessary for all who need it.

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