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Deputy Foreign Minister of Belarus participates in the negotiations for the UN summit


The first session of the intergovernmental negotiations on the preparation for the UN summit to adopt the post-2015 sustainable development agenda took place at the UN headquarters in New York.

During the session the head of delegation of Belarus, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr Valentin Rybakov, outlined the most important fundamental approaches of Belarus during the negotiations on the new development agenda. Among such approaches the Deputy Minister referred to the accommodation of the interests and the potential of middle-income countries, the importance of a comprehensive approach within the UN to energy issues, and the need to establish a mechanism of access to advanced technologies for the benefit of interested countries. Mr Rybakov also recalled the proposal of Belarus to link sustainable development to climate change issues, for example, through incentive mechanisms that would encourage countries to reduce emissions without compromising their development.

Belarus will continue to participate in the forthcoming sessions of the intergovernmental negotiations in the run-up to the September summit.